Direct Network Advantage (DNA)

Dyson Jones, Australian Wool Network's Western Australia business, offers a geniune opportunity for woolgrowers to know where their wool is used, through our Direct Network Advantage (DNA) program.

The DNA wool supply program allows us to give a provenance to the end product and to showcase to consumers the Dyson Jones clients and their sheep who contributed to the making of the product they are wearing.

Importantly for woolgrowers by controlling wool processing from bale to retail we can better manage some of the associated processing costs, enabling us to potentially offer above market prices for specific wool types - a direct advantage to your wool growing operation.

We believe that the DNA program will appeal to woolgrowers wanting to make a genuine contribution to driving demand for their wool as well as those looking to take advantage of the benefits that come when selling their wool direct.

To understand the DNA of a MerinoSnug garment, take a look at these short stories from our woolgrowers, their sheep, their properties and the environment in which they grow the world's most desirable natural fibre, merino wool.

Follow the links below to read more about Dyson Jones wool growers who contribute to the DNA program:

Williams WAA first in our DNA Program... it all begins in an area of Australia that upon first glance appears perhaps somewhat unremarkable.  But there is a hidden truth to be discovered. Read more



At Dyson Jones we believe that 'every day in every way wool works best'. That's why we think wool should be your 'natural fibre of choice' when choosing clothes to wear, furnishings for your home or anything else for that matter!

Are you a woolgrower?

If you would like to contribute to the making of our MerinoSnug garments please contact your local Dyson Jones representative.

See more wool growing stories from AWN

Click here to see the full range of DNA stories from the Australian Wool Network (AWN).

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