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Our Story

Dyson Jones was established in 1979 by brothers Terry and Ken Dyson and operated for 18 years under the banner of Dyson Wools.

In 1997, the trading name was changed to Dyson Jones Wool Marketing Services to reflect the shareholding of the senior marketing director, Shane Jones. Long standing employee John Stothard was also included as a shareholder and appointed as a director at this time. In July 2003 Peter Howie was offered a shareholding and was appointed trading director.

In 2008 Dyson Jones Wool Marketing Services and Australian Wool Network merged businesses with Dyson Jones retaining and continuing its name and wool marketing operations and Peter Howie and John Stothard retaining a shareholding.

Dyson Jones is renowned for its flexible approach to wool marketing which means we can and often do recommend changes to a traditional wool marketing program, utilising any one of six wool marketing options. Each of our clients have a dedicated wool marketing specialist, whose job it is to help you achieve maximum returns possible for your wool clip.  

Our People

We are equally committed to our staff as we are to our clients. We have invested in only the very best personnel. Those who are;

  • industry's best wool specialists,
  • have excellence in wool handling, wool sales and marketing and importantly;
  • who are committed to offering the highest level of service and advice to our clients.


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Dyson Jones