Price $olutions

As we all know the wool market fluctuates and at times significantly!  Which is why it just makes good business sense to cover at least the cost of production of your wool clip with a Dyson Jones Price $olution product such as a Wool Indicator Contract.

A Wool Indicator Contract:

  • provides you with a regular update of indicative offer prices
  • enables you to accept a price or place a “good till cancelled” order at your own level
  • is a separate contract drawn each time a price is secured
  • gives you easy access to a legitimate price risk management tool
  • is unlike using futures and are not subject to margin calls or required to provide a bank guarantee
  • is fair and transparent - the basis is determined on delivered lots
  • is easy - the entire transaction is communicated and managed between you and your Dyson Jones representative
  • states that physical delivery is determined when wool is received into any Dyson Jones wool store

There are no limits on quality i.e. if your contract is for a 21µ wool and your clip test 24µ you will not be outside contract specifications, the basis will calculate the difference off the fixed contract price.

Contracts are available in 18 to 23 and 28 and 30 microns, starting from 2,000kg clean and any amounts greater*.

Currently there is over 1.5 million kgs of wool under contract which is equivalent to 400 ASX/SFE contracts and is currently a larger market than the ASX/SFE!

Talk to a Dyson Jones representative about how best to protect and manage your clip's prices.

"It's not always about locking in forward prices, sometimes it's deciding to do nothing at all, but it is always about taking the time to analyse your situation".