Dyson Jones is proud of its ability and history to build long standing mutually beneficial relationships with both it's wool growing and wool buying clients.

Here at Dyson Jones we think we do a pretty good job at helping our wool growing clients improve their bottom line by helping them to prepare and market their wool to the world. We also think we do an equally good job for our wool buying customers who have come to expect a certain standard and consistency in the type and quantity of wool we source and present to the market.

But of course thinking you do a good job is only part of it. So you can imagine when we heard comments like these how proud we all were.

- - - -

"With the Dyson Jones system there is a great incentive to pay a premium, due to the ability to buy and have the product on a ship in the same week.  The other reason we support them so much is their desire to do the business and to look after all parties invovled in the process."

Wool Buyer; Peter Morris, Proprietor, PJ Morris Wools

- - - -

"In our opinion Dyson Jones is WA's most reputable wool marketing company. The trade offers Dyson Jones maximum support stemming from solid relationships forged with growers, buyers and exporters alike.  From a buyer's perspective, Dyson Jones provides us with the options of buying wool privately or at auction each and every day."

Wool Buyer: Russell Fraser, Manager WA, Techwool