Marketing your wool with Dyson Jones by auction gives you the power of the auction system and also access to our team's intimate knowledge of all wool marketing options.

We bring an extra dimension to our auction service because it is built on a foundation of excellence in client and customer service - the cornerstone of a successful private wool buying and brokering service.


Dyson Jones Flexi-Sell allows us to really market your wool clip and is the best way to have total control over the marketing of your wool clip.

Our modern wool show floor is open for business to the wool trade every working day – and they take full advantage of this. But as a user of Flexi-Sell, the biggest advantage lies with you, our client.


Price-on-Farm offers; Quick payment, a firm price and an opportunity to know exactly what you'll get for your wool before it even leaves the shearing shed.

Dyson Jones’ wool marketing staff and agents are able to negotiate a price-on-farm, for either whole or part of your clip. We call this our 'no-frills' option and its simplicity and transparency appeals to many of our clients.


Let’s get straight to the bottom line... when simplicity, speed and a fair and transparent NET** price are your priorities, then the Dyson Jones’ Price-in-Store is a great place to start.

This marketing alternative gives you a NET** price, in store, immediately after testing, based on current market levels.

Price-in-Store removes the worry of wool price fluctuation that can occur between delivery and point of sale.

Price-in-Store need not be the final option. In addition we pay for core tests*, freight from shed to store and insurance and there are no fees for overweight bales, interlotting or bulk class.

* Excluding additional measurements.  ** Net price is exclusive of AWEX and GST.

Merino Genetics

Looking to improve the productivity of your sheep flock? Search for registered Stud Merino breeders by location, stud name or micron on the ASMBA Flock Register.

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