Goode Family, Barooka, Kingston SA

Goode Family, Barooka, Kingston SA

The first of the line of Goodes, Charles Henry (later to become Sir Charles), came to South Australia in 1849 on the ship “John Mitchell”. In 1886 Edward Goode came to Kingston SE on his honeymoon and decided to buy property in the district and this began what is now a long history with the region.

After arriving into Kingston in 1886 Edward Goode bought Barooka and built a substantial stone home and raised a family of 7 children. Barooka at the time was about 8000 acres. He owned The Snuggery of 44,000 acres and about 106 square miles of country between Woods Well and Tintinara. He ran 6,000 sheep, 100 horses and 100 beef cattle. The top price of one of his best clips of 1923 – 1924 realised 36 pence per pound for merino wool of 64’s quality. The wool was remarkably clean and averaged 10 to 11 lb per fleece. Over time he and his sons added Conmurra to the portfolio and eventually in 1923 Conmurra was sold and Wangolina was bought.

The home still stands on Barooka but needs some work doing on it “…which we intend to get to in the near future,” said Deane Goode.

The current custodians of Barooka are Deane Goode and his sons Thomas and wife Sarah, Henry and William who are 5th generation farmers on Barooka.

Sheep have been run on the property ever since the property was purchased.

The property is now being run with the intention to have easy care sheep that subsequently have a happy and carefree life without much intervention.

Barooka sheep are super easy-care merinos with an adequate quantity of wool of exquisite quality that will rear huge numbers of fast-growing meaty lambs that need no mulesing and no-fly preventative treatment and can withstand the vagaries of nature with ease.

Sustainability for us is about having easy-care stock and doing as many good things as possible for the land, environment and animals.

Q. What does it mean to you to know who is wearing your wool?

A. You are wearing a sustainable easy-care natural fibre product grown by easy care sheep

Q. What would you like to say to the person wearing your wool?

A. Firstly thank you. We are constantly trying to educate others on the advantages of our system and easy care sheep. By you purchasing this product which contains our wool you are embracing and now wearing a sustainable healthy clothing product.