Jack & Frances England, Shepherds Hill, Kingston SA

Jack & Frances England, Shepherds Hill, Kingston SA

Jack England, a 5th generational Limestone Coast farmer, said the application of science and cost benefit analysis rules his business decisions.  Having completed a Bachelor of Agricultural and Environmental Science, his studies have allowed him to use science based management practices in a challenging wool growing environment.

Jack said, “Our farm, Shepherds Hill, was established in 1936 and was subjected to significant water inundation during winter along with hot dry summers. By establishing multiple species perennial pastures and maintaining natural wildlife habitat we have been able to meet our farming and wool growing key objectives.

Our animals are our business and we pride ourselves in producing the best we can. Only animals in good health from a healthy environment produce the best fibre. Our animals are a part of our landscape and its natural cycle and are our co-workers!”

Jack and his wife Frances run 20,000 merinos at Shepherds Hill with three young children and are still lucky enough to work with Jack’s dad, Rob.

Jack said he enjoys being a woolgrower because merino sheep produce a fantastic luxurious fibre that breathes and wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you cool when you’re hot, warm when you cold and it is super comfortable. It’s such a naturally versatile product.

Q. What does it mean to you to know who is wearing your wool?

A. It is magic! Finally, we get satisfaction knowing what garments are being made into while we support jobs locally.

Q. What would you like to say to the person wearing your wool?

A. Thank you for supporting our industry! It is great to know that you are wearing a genuine quality product raised from the sheep we put so much effort into caring for.