Jigsaw Farms

Jigsaw Farms

Jigsaw Farms is a 3,378 hectare family property of Mark Wootton and Eve Kantor located fifteen kilometres north of Hamilton in Western Victoria. The property integrates forestry, carbon and indigenous plantings with high-productivity grazing on a large scale. The mixed grazing operation consists of a fine wool sheep flock of some 25,000 Merinos and a prime lamb operation.

Jigsaw Farms is a family operation run by Mark and Eve and their four children Hannah, Nina, Gracie and Charlie who are currently away at university.

Mark and Eve believe farming is a great job because it is so varied, productive and challenging and all the while set in a beautiful environment.

“We love growing wool because the end product is such a natural and versatile fibre, and on the way, there are so many elements you can tweak to improve what ends up in those rows of wool bales at the end of shearing.”

Q. What does it mean to you to know who is wearing your wool?

A. Our wool comes from a sustainable farming system which aims for a low carbon footprint, including wetlands and re-vegetation and agroforestry. Our sheep have grown up in a “good paddock” with excellent pasture, shade and water supply.

Q. What would you like to say to the person wearing your wool?

A. Congratulations on wearing a carbon neutral product that was made with much love and care for all involved: animals, people and the environment.