The Thomson family at Keeyuga, Glenauroa VIC were part of our initial DNA pilot program. Together with their unique farming story we were inspired to continue to develop the program. The Thomson family run more than 7000 Merino breeding ewes and 850 first-cross ewes and a small number of cattle on more than 3238 hecatres of owned and share-farmed land at Glenaroua and Ruffy. The property name is pronounced “key you ga”.

The Thomson family are continually benchmarking their operation against industry standards to ensure that their wool growing operation is a success at every level. Hugh said “We are always looking for productivity.  Decisions are made that are best for the sheep and the farm and anything after that is a bonus. We believe that healthy sheep grow the best wool.”

The Thomson family have planted some 500,000 trees on their property to ensure the environment in which they grow their wool is productive and sustainable for generations to come.