Landsdowne Pastoral

First established in 1881 the Lansdowne Pastoral Company is one of Australia’s most iconic woolgrowing empires. In a non drought year Lansdowne’s collective 66,206 hectares (~164,000 acres) is home to up to 45,000 merino sheep.

The property is situated in the Tambo region of Queensland and is largely open grassland plains with access to the Barcoo and Ward Rivers.

Hume and Diane Turnbull and his son Christopher along with his wife Katie are the current managers of the Lansdowne Pastoral Company.

The Turnbull family have a long history with the property and company which was documented in detail by G.W. Lillie in a book titled “The Story of Lansdowne”.  The book makes for interesting reading about the trials and tribulation, innovations and success of growing merino wool on a pastoral station in this remote part of Australia.

Central to Lansdowne Pastoral’s woolgrowing operation is access to Australia’s largest underground natural water source the Great Artesian Basin.  This water is the lifeblood that allows the sheep to survive and thrive in this part of Australia. A special resource that is never taken for granted.

For Hume and Christopher Turnbull they both independently say that they “love living in rural QLD” and it is the “serenity, peacefulness and big open skies and open plains” that they feel privileged to be able to call home.

Hume also says that, “The golden plains and open spaces, sheep and wool are the best product for this area.”

Q. What does it mean to you to know who is wearing your wool?

A. Our wool is produced in a hot dry climate and it is great to know it is keeping people warm in cold climates.

Q. What would you like to say to the person wearing your wool?

A. Without the support of fashion shoppers our product has little value. So thank you, for purchasing a product that is both natural and produced under natural conditions. We aim to farm a close to nature as possible.