Mt Eba Station, Glendambo

Situated on the fringe of the Outback Mt Eba Station near Glendambo in South Australia is a massive 3,370 square kilometres large and runs around 20,000 merino sheep.  Mustering requires the use of motorbikes and a gyro copter.

Owned in partnership between Peter and Margie Whittlesea, Hayden and Michelle Whittlesea and Paul and Michelle Cousins the three couples bring together a unique depth of pastoral property management, merino sheep breeding and a lifetime of wool growing skills and experience.

It’s hard to imagine the day to day life on a station the size of Mt Eba and for on property managers and residents Peter and Margie they said it offers a unique experience and one that they both enjoy.

Peter said, “We have all been involved in farming for most of our lifetimes and in varying capacities.  Wool is such a versatile fibre, grown naturally delivering such amazing characteristics that only nature can provide.”

“We purchased the property in 2015 and elected to use our individual skill sets to grow and manage Mt Eba.”