Follow the Journey

DNA (Direct Network Advantage)
Provenance is an exclusive program
offered by Dyson Jones and AWN,
allowing wool growers who meet the
specifications to follow the journey of
their wool, from bale to retail and to
share that story with the consumer.

Connecting Wool Growers, Processors and Consumers

The DNA program connects suitable wool types to brands, who sell to consumers across Australia as well as internationally. Each product sold carries a DNA swing ticket, which connects the consumer with a video story of a wool grower, or wool growing region, whose wool contributed to the making of that product.

Our Stories

From the wheatbelt of Western Australia to the red sands of the Flinders Ranges Outback to the Tasmanian Midlands, wool sourced from Dyson Jones and AWN clients has contributed to the making of premium wool garments, accessories and interiors products. These are the stories of the Australian wool growers and regions behind your wool.


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