Not all wool is created equal

Dyson Jones

Australian Wool Network and Dyson Jones has just launched the internationally renowned ZQ Merino Fibre (ZQ) wool accreditation and supply program in Australia – promising to open up new, worldwide supply chain opportunities for Australian woolgrowers.

ZQ Merino Fibre, considered the world’s largest ethical wool brand, will now help put eligible Australian woolgrowers directly in touch with brands via their ethical wool supply chain path.

The ZQ Merino Fibre accreditation and wool supply program is an independently audited program designed to give confidence to brands and consumers regarding the production of their wool, specifically focused on animal welfare (including non-mulesing), environmental integrity, social responsibility, fibre quality and traceability to origin.

“International market needs are always shifting but the growing demand for brand integrity, trust and transparency will only continue to rise in the future.

“Our introduction of the ZQ Merino Fibre wool supply program will help AWN support our woolgrowers who are already striving for even greater value from their on-farm efforts to produce premium, sustainable, ethically raised merino fibre to meet this growing global demand,” said AWN Managing Director, John Colley.

ZQ wool is sourced from growers who are committed to continually improving fibre quality, farm management practices as well as animal health and welfare; which consumers are increasingly concerned about.

History shows that the fibre market is unpredictable and subject to unexpected fluctuation. A positive outcome for Australian woolgrowers is through ZQ’s direct, long-term forward contracts. They are set at agreed, sustainable price points, protecting the woolgrower, supply chain and brand partners from commodity price volatility.

There is no doubt that production of wool produced according to these new ZQ standards regarding animal welfare is a sign of the future. Demand for ethically sourced wool fibre has already outstripped current world supply capabilities.

“The market pendulum has been swinging this way for some time and now is the right moment to encourage more of our woolgrowers to consider their options, not just because of the ethical principles but it’s also a proven example of how to add-value to fibre for the future.

“We’re looking forward to growing this new supply chain so that participating AWN woolgrowers can benefit from sustainable pricing and the stability provided by long term supply agreement contracts and direct connectivity to brands” concludes Colley.


Woolgrowers interested in participating in the ZQ Merino Fibre program should contact their Dyson Jones wool specialist.