Wool Marketing

Our team of wool specialists work with our clients, providing personalised service to maximise returns for your wool growing business. We offer a variety of wool marketing solutions, allowing us to tailor a wool marketing strategy that delivers the best results for each client.


Auctions are the most commonly used wool marketing tool, so having a wool specialist who can best market your clip is crucial to ensure that you receive the best return possible.

Speciality Wool Programs

For growers who share our vision of connecting along the supply chain to the consumer, we specialise in wool marketing programs that take your wool from bale to retail. As well as offering industry programs such as Authentico and SustainaWOOL, we also offer ZQ and DNA Provenance, which are exclusive to AWN and Dyson Jones in Australia.



DNA (Direct Network Advantage) is an exclusive program offered by AWN and Dyson Jones, leveraging our network of strategic relationships across the supply chain, allowing wool growers who meet the specifications to follow the journey of their wool from bale to retail.


ZQ is the world’s leading ethical wool brand and is offered to Australian wool growers exclusively via AWN and Dyson Jones. The ZQ programme provides ethical and sustainable wool supply agreement contracts with world-class brands.


Our Flexi-Sell option gives wool buyers access to your wool clip five days a week, ensuring maximum exposure of your wool to the trade.

Price on Farm

Our wool specialists can offer a price for the whole or part of your clip at your farm. Price on Farm gives you the assurance of a price for your wool before it has left the shed as well as providing quick payment.

Price in Store

Price in Store provides a net price* in store after testing, based on current market levels and can mitigate risk against price fluctuations between delivery and sale at auction. In addition, core test (excluding additional measurements), freight from shed to store and insurance costs are covered by us and there are no fees for overweight bales, interlotting or bulk class. *Net price is exclusive of AWEX and GST.

Price Solutions

We understand the importance of managing risk in your business. Tools such as Wool Indicator Contracts can be used effectively to manage price risk for your clip. Wool Indicator contracts allow you to accept a price or place a “good until cancelled” order at your own level. Unlike futures, Wool Indicator Contracts are not subject to margin calls and there is no requirement to provide a bank guarantee. Contracts are available in 18 to 23 and 28 to 30 microns, for quantities larger than 2000kg clean. Ask us how you can manage price risk for your clip.

Wool Market Reports

We provide weekly reports from Australia’s three wool selling centres.


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